2009 SGI Rate and Rebalancing Review Table


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SRRP Independent Review of 2009 SGI
Saskatchewan Auto Fund
Rate Rebalancing and Rate Adjustment Application

Final Recommendations, Government's Decisions, and SGI's Follow up
Status as of April 2010

Stakeholders have expressed interest in reviewing the Panel's recommendations associated with formal Crown corporation monopoly rate review studies and associated activities (e.g. reviewing cost of service methodologies), and comparing these recommendations against Government's responses and Crown Corporation follow up actions. To this end, the Panel has compiled this summary associated with the Panel's formal review of SGI's spring 2009 Saskatchewan Auto Fund rate rebalancing and rate change proposal.

Review, for the Minister Responsible for Crown Investments Corporation, a proposal from the Saskatchewan Auto Fund to: increase vehicle insurance rates by a system average 4.2% to be effective November 1, 2009; and, rebalance insurance rates among the Auto Fund's vehicle rate classes with limits on the maximum increases ranging from 10% to 25% depending on vehicle class.

The Assignment: On May 1, 2009, the Panel was formally engaged via a CIC Minister's Order and Terms of Reference to conduct a review of an application from SGI to rebalance Saskatchewan Auto Fund insurance rates and introduce a system average increase in those rates of 4.2%. The Panel held three public meetings during June 2009 in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert to provide opportunities for the public to hear the details associated with SGI's application and to consider questions and comments from the public concerning the proposed rate and rebalancing changes. The Panel tabled their final report with the Minister Responsible for CIC on August 24, 2009.