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09-Sep-2016 Facebook

Why do people have to pay high gas prices when it is shut off in the summer. It is highway Robbery

27-Aug-2016 Voicemail

"Hello I'm just wanting to go on record is saying that I object to that to the rate increases especially the second one I think one was bad enough that second one would would just be not in in line at all and thank you for for doing the review. Thank you for taking comments and yeah there's there's no need for feedback at this time. Thank you very much for your work. Bye bye."

18-Jul-2016 Email Connect Energy - Additional Communications

Good morning,

In further support of our position that billing in energy units is the most appropriate billing method for a distribution system like SaskEnergy’s with varying heat values, please see attached a copy of an email response we recently received from the British Columbia Utilities Commission.  The response states (emphasis added by me):

“.FortisBC Energy Inc. (formerly Terasen Gas Inc.) bills customers in energy units, rather than by volume, because the energy content on the Spectra pipeline system can vary widely depending upon where the gas is sourced. End users burn energy not volume so this is the appropriate billing unit. This is a long-standing practice; an estimate from FortisBC staff was that billing by energy units began in the 1980s”

Thanks again for the Panel’s consideration.


We’ve had an opportunity to review SaskEnergy’s July 7th response to Connect Energy’s May 31st submission to the Panel and wish to provide a few follow-up comments for the Panel’s consideration in the attached.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

19-Jun-2016 Email

Greetings I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to voice my comments, but would like to say that it is felt like this is an insult to the residents of this province. All decisions have already been made and will be implemented regardless of what the taxpayers would suggest and as such we see 5% asked for when you really want 3%. Its a move of more greed and a scam if not even fraudulent. Please cancel the meetings at the large hotels because you will only have enough people to fill a bachelor suite, and also spare us the expense, using the funds to really decrease our rates. What a scam!

16-Jun-2016 Feedback form

What is the comparison of service delivery charges in Saskatchewan versus nearby jurisdictions in Alberta, Manitoba and Montana and North Dakota?

SaskEnergy does not follow the U.S. utilities and is not familiar with their rate structures.  SaskEnergy delivery charges are comparable to those in Alberta, and are considerably lower than Manitoba.

14-Jun-2016 Facebook

Go to northern communities they re the ones paying for your salaries and when they can't pay you disconnect thier energy!!!

28-May-2016 Email

Your rate increases is strangling low income seniors. We have in income increases coming as we are on fixed incomes and the delivery costs of natural gas is costing us more than the gas itself. This is the reason for the request for delivery charge. Low income seniors simply can't afford it

27-May-2016 Feedback form

As a pensioner, my income has never had a 5% raise, let alone one of 10 % within one year. Both utilities posted profits for at least the last year, yet they want more. As public businesses whose interest do they really have at heart.

27-May-2016 Feedback form

 Why would you even bother to say in one breath that natural gas is going down but the cost to get it to you is going up. It makes no sense .Dont try and fool people this wayPlus doing both announcements at once is a joke. If any increase is needed to deliver it to us it should be limited to 1% which is what the average person has got for an increase over the last number of years in Sask.People can not afford theses types of increases at this time Thanks

27-May-2016 Email

I am strongly opposed to any rate increases at this time.  With the economy the way it is, it just seems wrong.  Personally, I haven’t even had a COL increase since 2010.  Jobs for many people, me included are iffy at best.  I just can’t afford to pay more for my utilities right now.  With everyone with their hand out for more; groceries more expensive than ever; gas high AGAIN, it is really difficult to make ends meet any more.  We are putting less and less away for our future due to the fear of surviving day to day!

Thank you,