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18-Nov-2017 Feedback form

If the government is simply going to ignore the panel's recommendations, why not wind up the panel and save the time/money for consultants/members? The public consultation process is a joke.

23-Aug-2017 Voicemail

"Yeah son complaining I guess about these utility rates it seems like everything is continually going up. It's making it so hard. I know some of my friends very they're sitting in the dark the winter they have the thermostat so low it's that literally(?) cold and I think these corporations should be cutting back somehow on their expenses and we just can't keep doing this raising these rates all the time. Thank you."

19-Aug-2017 Email Rate Review Board
here are 3 points please consider  to what is being said
1) this is a back door taxation plain and simple more they make more they give to govt general revenues
2) all rate increases per year MUST be tied to the Cost of Living for Sask.   no more no less,  currently under the ,   all items column for Sask.   year over year is .8 %      this would be applicable to all crown corps requests. on an annual basis.   nothing wrong with that  and people could understand that.. being once per year..
3) if these crown corps. want more money  than look internally first,   especially wages and benefits and no bonuses, example CEO max salary 150,000.00 plus pension, plus medical, dental, vision expenses shared,  no bonuses of any type thus  max salary 150,000.00 per year,  than on descending scale for managers etc down to clerical  and clerical start at 40,000.00  with shared expense on medical, dental, vision, and pensions,      this will save hundreds of millions of dollars per annum.   that will go into what excuse the crown corps are putting forward to the rate review board,        so until they control their spending,    0 zero increases,   and than please tie the annual rate increase   regardless what they call it,   to the all item column of the sask cost of living    yes even on a yearly basis  as of January 1st each year,    People will and can understand that, and if crown corps can not make that work  than less is given to govt general revenue's real plain and simple<
Please remember the $ 2.00 fee for restructuring that took place  for years,   on every monthly bill,   how many hundreds of millions of dollars did this make for their restructuring   on a yearly basis, for how many years time span did it cover,     and well with interest,     that sum is nowhere to be had,    why?  
The monthly sum does not sound that bad, but when on fixed incomes  tied to inflation/cost of living, that last year was 1.4 % how can this be justified by these crown corps  and the rate review panel, to ask and receive any more than the Cost of Living allowance  people receive,  and this is being done by all crown corps, this abuse MUST stop and the buck stops with you  the Rate review board. 
Respectfully submitted

16-Aug-2017 Feedback form

Please "deny" this rate increase. Consumers in this province have had enough and cannot afford the constant rate hikes by all the Crown Corporations. Rates keep going up for everything but my wages have not gone up at all. Its going to be unaffordable to heat my home or pay for any utilities if these rates keep getting approved.

15-Aug-2017 Feedback form

The rate increases are a form of back door taxation. The gov't needs to stop draining the crowns of money they would otherwise use for the purposes they state are the reasons for the requested increases.

14-Aug-2017 Feedback form

I am very much against the raising of rates for Sask Energy. The cost of residents having to buy everything the government owns is ridiculous already. When is my minimum wage going up so I can afford all this?

11-Jul-2017 Email

Hi, I don't know if this is the place to send an email, but I hope SaskEnergy isn't allowed to have their rates increased. SaskPower just increased there rates this past year, and as a student that was a major impact on my finances. These may only be small increments to the crown corps or the wealthy, but for those of us on a fixed income really suffer. I hope more of the Saskatchewan people are thought of with these crown corps and not just their bottom lines. I suggest better management would really help their bottom lines. Thanks for your time