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16-Oct-2018 Feedback form

 We already pay enough a lot of us have a hard time paying our bills now let alone if it goes higher

13-Oct-2018 Feedback form

 I think a small portion of each bill should go into an 'infrastructure fund" for future required upgrades to the system. This applies to both SaskPower and Saskenergy

03-Oct-2018 Email

I totally agree with their request to lower the rates for Natural Gas as there is a glut on the market and the wholesale price is low. However I don't agree with an increase in the delivery charge and the monthly basic charge included there-in. Why should we be charged a basic monthly charge of $23.20 for the privilege of doing business with them. One of my last bills was $17.57 for the supply of natural gas and the delivery charge was $37.28 which is ridiculous to be charged more for delivery of a product than the product itself. Please try to straighten this company out with some common sense!