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26-Nov-2017 Feedback form

If you are saving so much money, then why do you need to increase the amount we pay for power? It doesn't make any sense. Is there going to be a break for those of us on single incomes?

17-Oct-2017 Email

The Saskpower CEO helped himself to a 7% wage increase from $566 000 up to $633 000. And now they are requesting a rate increase from residents to pay for this gob-smacking raise. OUTRAGEOUS!

There is no excuse for this blatant entitlement. If the company has this much money to allow for such a raise, they, evidently, have too much money in the account and truly have no need for an honest rate increase. Thank you for your consideration.

09-Oct-2017 Feedback form

Meetings and comments on the rate increases are a complete sham to placate the gullible public.This has all been decided ahead of time. If you got rid of most of the overpaid, underworked and incompetent Executives,Board members and Administrators with big expense accounts.You would not have to keep increasing rates.

07-Oct-2017 Feedback form

A 2.5 to 3% increase would be acceptable. 5% seems a little excessive.

04-Oct-2017 Voicemail

Sask Power is asking for rate increases where you know people aren't getting increases and old age pension since such two to be paying these(?) constant increases and they're always saying they have more more people to service. Well if there's more people the service there should be more people paying power bills. Unless all these new people that they're bringing in are getting it free. You know it's just terribly annoying. Maybe they should get rid of some of the high price vice presidents or such that aren't necessary or and I know that being a crown that these people are extremely highly paid from the bottom up you know maybe cut back a little with management expenses. It's just getting outta hand. You know I'm sorry you know how are people supposed to live there. Ron Lowen(?) comes in fixed income and what have you. I don't even have TV to try and survive nor do I have my cell phone or such you know taxes are up. I mean it's just it's just getting totally out of hand.

03-Oct-2017 Feedback form

 After watching the presentation on October 3, and given that SaskPower is on a dividend holiday, why the need to generate a ROE of 8.5%? The health of SaskPower (ie an industry comparable ROE) is never in question, given it's monopoly status. Further, looking at the debt ratio of the investor based companies, they are roughly half of SaskPower. I would suggest the investor lead companies get the concept of not being in an unsustainable debt crisis, otherwise their share value would be decimated. Good thing our crown owned monopoly can get out of debt by asking for rate increases!

02-Oct-2017 Feedback form

 I have just discovered that SaskPower will be charging a 1.65% convenience fee to pay my power bill with a credit card. SaskPower justifies this by claiming this is a credit card company charge, not a SaskPower charge. If I could only go to a competitor, I might be able to find a company that understands what customer service is all about. Since we are discussing SaskPower rate hikes and the justification for those, I demand that SaskPower find more efficiencies or reduce expenditures to absorb this credit card cost, DO NOT make me pay for the privilege of paying my bill with a credit card. Only a crown owned monopoly would even think about doing something so asinine as this!

26-Sep-2017 Feedback form

The latest request for a rate increase is ludicrous. If the 5% increase is allowed, this would make an almost 25% increase in the last 5 to 6 years for power rates. When has my or anyone's pay increased that much in that short of a period? The Leader Post ran an article recently outlining that the CEO of SaskPower was the highest paid CEO of all Crown corporations. The fat needs to be trimmed not the ratepayers gouged due to managerial incompetence.

25-Sep-2017 Email

I think if the government quit taking dividends from the Crowns annually to line up the provincial budget to make it look good. INSTEAD THE PROFITS MADE BY THE CROWNS should be reinvested in building the capital assets to continue the great service they provide, without the double taxation planned by the government .  Politics should be taken out of the CROWNS so they can fulfill there mandate of providing service at a reasonable cost. I AM ON A FIXED INCOME, cannot sustain continous unnecessary increases in cost of living. I don't think there should be a  I crease, the corporation is making good profits to make the improvements, stop paying the dividends to government coffers.

24-Sep-2017 Feedback form

 I, along with many former civil servants have grown accustomed to annual pension increases of 0.7%or less. How can the government of Saskatchewan, in good conscience keep raising the various utility rates by 5% annually. It should find a way to spend less on the salaries of current senior officials which are now exorbitant to pay for any utility increases..

21-Sep-2017 Feedback form

 I am on a fixed income. Please explain to me how I am going to pay for this increase? It seems that all these crown corporations continually have there hands out for more. The people of this province have been hammered by tax increases municipally, provincially and federally. Why? We need a break! Why doesn't the rate review panel do their job and stand up for the people it's suppose to protect. Say no to these crown executives who continually ask for more. They need to look internally for cost savings and not take the easy way out and Put the burden on the people yet again.

17-Sep-2017 Feedback form

I most strenuously object to the proposed SaskPower rate increase based on the false premise that SaskPower needs to have an industry comparable benchmark rate of return while significantly investing in infrastructure for the future. Any privately run company would ask that shareholders accept a lower rate of return while embarking on a significant investment back into the company, in this case a significant investment in infrastructure for the future. Private companies do this because they know their stock price will get hammered if they try to maintain the dividend and significantly invest for some purpose. My suggestion is that SaskPower reduce their rate of return to zero over the time period of this infrastructure investment, resulting in no need for this rate increase and potentially reducing the need for any additional rate increase over the next few years. As a shareholder, I am willing to accept this reduced rate of return and reduced dividend. As a customer of the monopoly, at least I can sleep at night knowing that SaskPower is being managed in a reasonable, business acceptable manner. Anything else smacks of incompetent governance, something only a crown owned monopoly could do.

13-Sep-2017 Feedback form

I am a senior on a shrinking income, and I strongly object to rate increases when the shortfall in Sask Power infra structure could have been avoided if Bill BOyds shenanigans and land overpayment hadn't occurred. Bill, you can pay me power bill!

12-Sep-2017 Feedback form

I'm extremely angry about being charged for THREE SaskPower rate increases in just over a year. The last two increases were huge, and my household budget no longer balances! Never mind that my contract for groundskeeping for the Government's Social Housing was frozen in 2002 ! And my property managers contract was slashed in 2007 (I don't even have enough $ to buy printer cartridges, stamps and paper) - Prior to '07 - we had a budget to buy what ever we needed. After Bill Boyd, Minister responsible for SaskPower, paid $25 MILLION out of SaskPower's coffers to buy GTH land. This is why our rates are increasing. Not all the advertising from SaskPower about suddenly needing $ for infrastructure !!! If SP hadn't bought GTH land, they'd have enough money for routine, ongoing infrastructure costs. Go collect the money from Bill Boyd, after his shady $25 Million SaskPower deal.

28-Aug-2017 Email

Good Day We do realize that there is a growing demand and that there is upkeep/upgrades that need to be made to our current power grid as well as these demands and upgrades cost money.We do give kudos to SKPower in taking a reduction to their net earnings but those of us in the Ag industry, who are being charged more because we live in the country, also take cuts in our profits all the time and we have no place or nowhere to go to apply for an increase to help us with improving our investments which in turn helps provide food for all of us!  We cannot charge more for the food we produce even though our costs go up continuously; we have to take what is given to us!!We live in the RM of Enterprise and there have been upgrades to power lines in our area but our power continues to go out either once a day, sometimes consecutively, or sometimes even three times a day!!.  In fact the power has gone out here four times again in these last two days!!! This is very frustrating and hard on our appliances and electrical equipment, such as computers, printers, etc., which are not cheap to replace. Also SKPower will not replace any of these items even with proper documentation/proof of days that they knew the power was out in this area.  We have been told that it is the birds sitting on the line!!.  We've been here more than 40 years; there has always been birds sitting on the lines. On the majority of the times - the power goes out when there are no birds on the lines, which I believe and so do others, is a lame excuse on SKPower's part.  Plus over the last 5-7 years these power flickers/outages have been increasing and SKPower has received calls/complaints as myself and several neighbors have called into SKPower only to be told that it is the birds.  Well this situation is definitely for the birds!!!We do not have a problem with applications for an increase when there is required work to be done to keep us warm and have access to all the necessary electrical equipment available to us.  But we do not believe that people, companies, etc., need to make millions or billions in profits/bonuses in order to live a sustainable life.  Yes, they need to make a profit otherwise why invest in such an infrastructure.  But do they need to make these millions or billions at the cost of other people's profits that are needed in order to live a sustainable life??  Just something to think about and rationalize the justifications.Don't take us the wrong way - we do know that SKPower does donate a lot of money to organizations that need help.  But please remember that this is probably due to the profits that are generated through this infrastructure!We are asked for our opinions and we're giving it:  until these power outages/flickers are resolved, not just in our area, we do not agree with the application for an increase.  Sorry, but this is how we feel.Once we can't afford the price of power, will SKPower donate free power or take a reduction in their earnings to help us stay warm??  This is not meant to be nasty - we're asking an honest question.Thank you for your time in considering our opinions.Frustrated Clients

26-Aug-2017 Feedback form

I don't feel it's in good faith that saskpower should be asking for yet another rate hike, how is it that they keep raising the price and most everyone in sask has stalemate on their pay increases. Tell saskpower to look internal for the money they need, I'm sure there's more than enough money available judging by the amount of mistakes saskpower has made just publicly. So I say no to this rate increase.

24-Aug-2017 Feedback form

Regarding requested 5.1% increase effective Mar. 1/18 (following 5% and 3.5% increase eff. Jul 1/16 and Jan. 1/17 - 27% increase past 5 years per the SP article Aug. 16/17 ) I ask - is SK Power going the way of Ontario where power will be out of reach for many? Don't current and past rates have a built in slush fund for depreciated and obsolete infrastructure? That would be considered good management. Most people do not get a 5.1% increase in salaries/pensions. Disposable income in Saskatchewan is dropping as all "costs" keep rising. Does SK Power make a profit? If so, where does it go? to the Province for general revenue? If so, isn't the profit really another tax charged on top of the other taxes shown on our utility statements? Profits, if any, should be held in a fund to pay for replacing aging and outdated infrastructure. I understand that some power is made using natural gas which is at an all time low price. Aren't profits higher as a result? The SP article talks about a $100 power bill and an increase of $14.12 per month ($170 per year) by Mar. 2018. Aren't many power bills already greater than $100 per month? Mine is, so my proposed increase will be considerably higher, plus all the taxes and sir charges that go along with it. Oh, and don't forget about the Federal carbon tax that will hit one day, maybe Jan. 1 2018. What will the increase on that be? 10%? I pity anyone who is thinking of buying an electric car! Ontario energy pricing here we come??? Don't make that mistake. People will once again be leaving this province.

22-Aug-2017 Email

I am a resident of White City SK, and we have constant troubles with our power going out as glitches and full fledged power outages. This causes issues with our electronics, appliances and creates great inconveniences for everyone at home. If Saskpower is granted their rate increase I would EXPECT an explanation on their website as to EXACTLY WHERE the money will be used. I'm not happy that each year our rate goes up but our service gets worse. Thank you

22-Aug-2017 Email

"Hi, it's ***** from Weyburn  and I just wanted to let you know I'm not in favour of that 5% SaskPower hike. Our wages are going down and I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna be able to forward power. Thanks. Bye bye

22-Aug-2017 Email

Hello,Until SaskPower starts providing adequate service, and meeting their own service deadlines, I do not think they should be approved for any more rate increases.For example, they have a 7-business day repair guideline for streetlight repairs after a problem is reported, but have lights in Regina that were reported in June (SaskPower tracking #571316), many more reported in July, and many more reported in early August that are still not fixed. There are entire neighborhoods going dark in Regina, and SaskPower is doing nothing about it.SaskPower appears to have blown a lot of money providing an online reporting tool for broken streetlights, but it doesn't mean anything (other than wasted money) if they don't actually get around to doing the work.What other power company can I call for the streetlights in my area that have been out (and reported) for weeks, but are still not fixed due to SaskPower's incompetence? Maybe the City of Regina should be allowed to set up its own power company, then customers would at least have a choice.Until SaskPower starts doing its job, their rates should be frozen as an incentive for them to get their act together.Sincerely

21-Aug-2017 Email

Please consider not raising your rates. It is difficult enough already to pay the power bill. The place where I live does not have natural gas and we use baseboard electric heat. The bill can be anywhere from 600 to 2000 a month in the cold months. With a 5% increase I will never be able to save for another alternative to power heat or even pay the monthly bill. Please reconsider. I need to eat too

21-Aug-2017 Email

I already try an conserve power and used to pay 60-70/month now I pay 70-80/month after the last increase and now they want to make it more?! Is this all just to cover their blunder of meters catching fire?

21-Aug-2017 Email

When will you learn that the people do not have a endless supply of money for these rate increases. With all the increases my pay has ended up being about 15% lower. It has come to deciding between cutting my grocery budget or cutting back on my prescriptions.

21-Aug-2017 Feedback form

It's time for saskpower to control their spending instead of coming to the people every year, no other crown is coming every year for big increases.

20-Aug-2017 Email

I live in a 1000 sq. Ft. House with average use and our power bill is already $250.00 plus per month. Soon we will not be able to afford to turn the lights on. Saskpower needs to cut back on expenses, not increase rates twice per year. The person who comes to check meters on our property drives up in a new ford explorer. A small car would do the same job, etc, etc.